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Saraswati day

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On Saraswati day we went to Harsikas (dhammikas older daughter) school to look at her dance show. It was so exciting! We were told 48 different times that the show was going to start, Dhammika kept changing the time that we had to leave every time we asked. Finally we got there and I asked

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Made some tacos the mexican way. Went on a wednesday birthdayparty for Sarah. Last pieces of the dick cake became two valentine day cakes. Lots of stuff happening at the uni. Afterwork @ Media Evolution City. Moving stuff around. Listening to music. Reorganizing. For hours.

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Skolavslutning i Torekov


Images from my little sister Svea’s school conclusion in the church. It’s hard to believe that it´s 15 years since I were sitting right there where she’s sitting, just finishing first grade. 15 years!!? Same school, same teachers, same church, same songs.. I hated it when I was a kid, but when you think about

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The Jonah Phenomena


Jonahs video är det senaste youtube fenomenet, den har gått från 60.000 plays igår morse till 860.000 visningar den här morgonen. Nu en timme senare har den 1,700.000. Han har fått 190.000 likes och 205.000 kommentarer från folk som stöttar honom. Dessutom har det under de senaste timmarna dykt upp mängder av fanvideos från folk

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