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The worlds best business class

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We got upgraded to what is nominated to the world’s best business class. When we were going to board the plane the steward accidentally deleted Petters ticket to make the upgrade, it just disappeared and they couldn’t add it again. 10 guys were working on getting us on the plane and nothing seemed to solve

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Surf friendly airline company!


We’ve been traveling with many, many airline companies through the years. We’ve been using since our first trip to found out which dates are cheapest and in the beginning we just choosed the flights that were just cheapest. That changed pretty quickly. We got very tired of rental boards. It was a hazzle finding the right

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waitering & riding waves

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Went up to Alex in Halmstad to try and find some nice longboard peelers.. Nick and Alex checking out the surf forecast, or well, the wind forecast. We don’t have magic Seaweed here, all the swell we get is from the wind, the more wind – the better surf! Instead there’s a lot of checking

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noserider love


I surfed this board for a couple of weeks when we where at that amazing point break in Mexico. That was a 9,8 though. This is a 9,6. I ordered a 9,8 but Margaret had her finger in the game of course, and made it 9,6. A 9,6 classic Bing noserider, aka BN lightweight. Same

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