South africa


when we decided to head for hogsback we followed the map in coast to coast. that this map was not worth alot we did not notice before we already were in the car going for it. hogsback was not a stop along the coast. it was actually pretty far into the inland. the roads took us further up in the mountains and finally we found it. hogsback was really situated on the back of a hog and our hostel had the most incredible location. the scenery was awesome and at the edge of a fifteen meter steep they had built in a bath tube. lying in the tube looking at a stunning view of the three hogs in the sky with the ground disappearing under the edge of the bathtub was only that an experience worth all the keys of driving. we were now deep into the forest with birds whistling and trees whispering over our heads. it actually felt just like we were in a swedish forest. the dirt roads, the whistling birds, the god damn mosquitoes, the björkar, the climate. just like we were back in the swedish summer. except for the parrots and monkeys hanging around in the trees above our heads.

early the next morning we went for a hike down into depths of the forest. the trees did not look as big from above but damn they were big. after an hour or two we found a pretty awesome waterfall with a natural pool in front of it. we swam for hours and totally forgot the essence of time. we decided to head back and instead of taking the same path threw the forest we took a dirt road climbing up the mountains. the sun was high and the twenty kilometers we had to go felt like more like two hundred. the african sun was just SO strong!

hogsback was a cool place. here we founded the two phrases “fucked up” and “totally fucked up”. cuz except the great scenery the hostel we stayed at was totally fucked up. an english backpacker stopped backpacking and efter building the place he apparently drank to much beer to be able to look after it. it was totally worn down and really disgusting. lucky we got a tent and camped instead of staying in the creepy house… and lucky the place was so beautiful and relaxed so that it did´nt really matter anyway!






















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