South africa


After a awesome winetour with petters parents in Stellenbosch, Franschhoek, Svartland and darling we’re now back in cape town. We’re staying at a beautiful, brand new backpackers in observatory called African Heart. It is runned by Jamie and Elizna who also got the UBUNTU backpacker in J-bay.

Stellenbosch was so green, cozy and filled with happy students. Almost like a greener Lund (swedish town) but with more wine and and just 1 hour from epic surf. You can study almost everything there and both me and Petter got really interested.

Yesterday Rudolph and his sweet friend picked us up and drove us to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens to watch a concert with, uum, wait waths the name? Fokofpolisiekar!
That basically means “fuck off police” in afrikaans (Rudolph right me if I’m wrong?). We sat there in the grass with a big coolbox that Rudolph had filled with sandwiches and cold beer and looked at an amazing view and listened to sweet music. Then we drove up to a lookaout point close to lion’s head and saw the whole town with all the lights and cars. A perfect ending to our time here in south africa.

Tomorrow we are going to Bangkok! It’s my first time in Thailand and Asia so I’m super stoked! (haha, off course petter is that too even if it is his 3rd time now) Just saw that our friend Thewa is gonna bee able to meet us and he was talking about Laos.. Very exciting!

I’m standing in a iStore in cape town so I didn’t think i would be able to post you guys some photos but petter has plugged in his lap top so maaaybe..


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