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pizza + cider in Thalpe

Two things that first comes to my mind when someone is asking for tips regarding the little gem Sri Lanka is Wijaya Beach and the Old Railway. This afternoon I had the pleasure of combining them both. Catherine who’s the designer of the Old Railway needed some photos for an upcoming project and we played model and fashion photographer while Petter had a beer in the shade.





After the very hard work we sat down for some pizza and cider. A favorite from South Africa.  Later on Rasi, Catherine’s husband,  joined us for Wijaya’s famous brownie..





  • Enjoy reading your blog, I’m a surfer from South Africa probably moving to Sweden with my girlfriend this year. Should be interesting to try surf there 😀

  • Hey! Cool to hear! Where are you moving to? There’s good surf where we live in Skåne, south Sweden and there is further north as well on the east coast. Everything is windswell tough but it can get good! Check out

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