Guest Series

Couples who surf together, stay together


At Sunshinestories, we pride ourselves on being accessible for all ages 10 and up. We feel that age knows no boundaries here, and it’s so special watching guests come together, all nationalities, all ages, all on different paths. A few weeks ago we welcomed a group that were no exception to this rule. At the

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Listen to Sunshinestories

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If you have been a guest here at Sunshinestories you know we like to bring our Marshall speaker where ever we go, from the yoga to the beach party. We love good music. Here you can find our Spotify profile: Sunshinestories on Spotify. And this is our favorite Sunshinestories playlist: Sunshinestories ep: 1   Perfect

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Travel Advice

What to pack for a trip to Sri Lanka

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You’ve booked our surf & yoga retreat and the countdown has started. It’s time to think about what you should pack in your bag for Sri Lanka. Here’s a list of what we think you should bring: Sunscreen! Bring more than you think you’ll need. It’s really hard to find good water-resistant sunscreen here. We recommend

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Guest Series, Yoga

Growing with Donna from The Yoga Vine

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You know that woman you aspire to be? The woman that says “go for it” and means it. The woman that not only dreams the dream, but sees it through. Without giving away too much, that’s Donna. She’s a light that brightens every room she walks into, so it’s no wonder she’s behind a mecca

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Surf 101: The Fundamentals of Surfing

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You’ve just arrived to Sri Lanka, ready to get your feet wet in some of the best waves around. Before we get too eager beaver, our surf coach Mitch has a few pointers to get the most out of your surf experience. Sure, there’s nothing that compares to going out and trying it for yourself,

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Host Your Own Yoga Retreat at Sunshinestories!


The sound of chanting monks, morning bells, and birds chirping fill your senses as you slowly awake in a new, tropical paradise. You’re feet find their way to the soft touch of wood and yoga mat, rooted in the nature around you. A thatched roof over head provides shelter from the rising sun, but enough

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