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Budget for Sri Lanka


Here’s are budget for Sri Lanka. We’re surprised over how little things has change since we were here two years ago. Prices are the same, people are the same and we actually forgot how cheap it is to live here even though the prices are a bit increased due to the holidays. Thought you might

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Olá Portugal?


Thank you for all your travel tips! Looks like we can get some reasonable priced tickets to Lisbon, Portugal. Exciting since we have never been there before! I’ve heard many good things about the Ericeira-area.. Have you been to Portugal? Any tips for us? Places to stay etc, we’re very grateful for anything.

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I’m the kind of person who looks for signs everywhere. Small indications on which path to walk or which puppy to choose. Today in my inbox I got one mail who was reminding to answer on my university admission and one mail about a couple who traveled for 23 years.. Can you imagine being on

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indian laughter

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Sometimes when life is going in 180 km/hour and I don’t know what’s truth or just a dream I plug in one of numerous external hard drives to see what really did happen this past three years when my old class mates have been busy getting engaged, producing kids and get an education. And by

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