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Petters 1st day


Linn went home to her sisters apartment in Ängelholm and I went home to my family’s house in Torekov. This is my first day back home, fresh air, spring, my own bed, Swedish food, friends and family.. Waaah I’ve been missing home! Absolutely awesome to be back. Woke up to a welcoming sign that mum

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Accommodation, Panama

mix up

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A little mix up from the last few days. Enjoyed our stay here so much, check out manrey if you get to Panama City. If you are not looking for a room at least go and have a cocktail at their bar, it’s awesome. A big thank you to all the staff working there, you

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One morning we saw something break further down the beach, it looked perfect and there where no one surfing there. We decided to go try it out and of course we didn’t tell anyone. Wooohaaaa it was practically a wave that turned in to a barrel right away and barrelling all the way to the

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El Salvador



Last year me and Nick shared a tube together, I went left and Nick went right, both barreling the perfect indonesian wave. It was soo insane, still can’t believe it. Since than we are tube-brothers. This year we shared a book together. Maybe not as intriguing, but now we are book-brothers too!

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El Salvador, Surf

the first session

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Went over to the guys to grab some food, they took us to their local favorite. Mumma that was a good place! We had the most delicious fish and the most delicious shrimps ever. Each plate cost us 4 dollars, bargain eeh? Fresh from the sea this morning. Some old locals came up to us

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Palmtrees & Pinecones by Blueberry Visuals

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New movie from swedish Blueberry Visuals, featuring one of Sweden’s best surfers Freddie Meadows and swedish rapper Petter who just recently found his love to surfing. In Palmtrees & Pinecones they are catching some waves in Costa Rica. Enjoy and press here for more of the Blueberry boys work. Palmtrees & Pinecones – #one from

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