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3 Best Surf Breaks in Southern Sri Lanka

Surfing in Sri Lanka provides a surfer’s paradise – warm water, warm weather, and waves that welcome you at every corner. However, surfing in a new place can be a bit challenging if you don’t know where to go. When you stay with Sunshinestories for our surf camp package, you’ll be guided to some of the best

Through Their Eyes: Memories of Our Retreat by Ivana Pirizovich

Read more on how fashion blogger, Ivana Pirizovich, learned how to seize the day, Sri Lankan style. We had the pleasure of having Ivana as a guest for a week, partaking in our surf camp and yoga retreat. From surfing for the very first time to abundant tropical breakfasts, read her take on the Sunshinestories Retreat.

Mitch’s Surf Tips to Live By

You’ve just arrived in Sri Lanka and are frothing to get in the water. Maybe you’ve been surfing for some time, maybe it’s the first time, but whichever time it is for you it’s always good to have some pointers in your pocket. We got into the nitty gritty with Mitch, our surf manager at Sunshinestories

Our Favorite Memories of 2017

We’re all about living in the present, but sometimes we can’t help but look back at the year and all the fun memories we’ve made with our Sunshinestories family. From the guests that roll through and change our lives, to the staff that have become more like family, there are all kinds of ways to

The Perfect Combination: A Yoga and Surf Retreat

Featured words from Marley, our visiting yogi at Sunshinestories on how having a yoga retreat at a surf camp in Sri Lanka make for a perfect combination: Yoga Retreat and Surf Camp in Sri Lanka Sri Lanka has stolen my heart in more ways than I thought possible. I knew I wanted to come here

Our Yoga Shala in Sri Lanka

Sunshinestories started as an idea. Founded by two people on a mission to keep living the lifestyle they dreamed of – the ability to surf every day, to eat healthy, great tasting food, and to be surrounded by a community of well-rounded, positive people. Rather than kissing this idea goodbye, they found a way to

5 Adventures You Can Expect on Holiday with Us

‘Tis the season! Well, that is if your holiday season involves endless sunshine, palm trees, coconuts, and waves that peel just right. Sunshinestories was a dream built upon the sea, surf, yoga, good food, and good vibes. As one of Sri Lanka’s surf camps, we try to give our guests the ultimate holiday experience with


Magda from SUP Yoga Sri Lanka invited us to come try out their SUP Yoga experience several months ago. After a busy season, we finally manage to come partake in a day of SUP yoga with parts of our staff from the Sunshinestories retreat, and our sister hotel, Ceylon Sliders, located in Weligama. We started

Meet Frida

Have you been wondering who’s been behind making Sunshinestories gush with that home-meets-retreat vibe? At Sunshinestories our guests come as strangers and leave as family, taking a little piece of our hearts with them homeward bound or onto their next adventures. Our visitors and friends are integral to this bond, and our Swedish social butterfly, Frida, has

Meet Bree & Oliver

The best thing about Sri Lanka is that the summer never ends.. It just keeps going! From sunrises that are cool and breezy, to sunsets that make the water glisten just right, and endless surf, we know we’ve found our own paradise. Making it even sweeter, we’re happy to welcome two globetrotters to the family!  Ollie