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Surf+Yoga Package Our retreat is a complete experience for the surfer-yogi or anyone interested in learning both disciplines in a magical atmosphere. Our surf & yoga package includes surf lessons, teacher led yoga classes and everything else you need for the week. The experience we have tailored for the retreat is how we love to live. It

Surfing Medawatta Sri Lanka

Medawatta is a great longboard wave on the most southern part of Sri Lanka, just outside of Matara. It’s kind of a hidden gem and a bit hard to find, but expect good peelers and a few peakes that spread the crowd out, beacuse it’s starting to get quite crowded already compared to the last

Our guide to Seminyak

We recently came back from our trip to Bali. This time we spent most of our time in Seminyak, indulging in all the good food & popular culture the area had to offer, and WOW! It’s such a Mecca for foodies. Really, I can’t think of any place in the world that has that much, and

love for the Seea

Oh life.. Different happenings the last week has shook me up and made me extremely grateful and aware of what a happy life I’m living right now and right here. Crazy isn’t it how it sometimes takes extreme things to make you realize something so easy? Today I wanna share how grateful I am for

Golden Buddha yoga retreat sri lanka

  We just came back from Cailins Golden Buddha Yoga 10 day retreat here on Sri Lanka. It was really amazing. 10 days packed with loads of powerful and amazing yoga, meditations, surf, food and so much fun. She’d found the most awesome location to host the retreat at, Stella Villa, situated just in front of one of my

Lazy left

Back surfing at Lazy left! This left hand point break get’s a lot of love and hate from us. Love when it provides a hollow take off and it’s long lazy lines for us to noseride or cut back on. It does that especially good on some swells and sometimes it just doesn’t provide any shoulder at

wenche is stoked

Our great friend Wenche came down and stayed with us a week. The bonus by working as a stewardess is that you can travel cheap like that huh?! So envious.. With her she brought the best danish brown bread, three swedish cheese blocks and tons of swedish Marabou chocolate. Not to forget amazing energy! She


These last days when it’s been smaller waves we’ve been taking turns surfing the longboard. At the moment we only got one longboard with us, a 9’6 Noserider model. It’s Petters but he lets me use it. Pothuvil Point is a long, long wave machine.. And the beach is perfect for driving all the way

swell – and all is well

The first day we packed the car with boards and friends and Petter drove us to a break that’s just fifteen minutes north of Aragum Bay. We were lucky to be greeted with some swell! I (Linn) snapped some pictures before I went in the water. Like so many other breaks here around Abay, it breaks

We’re moving to Sri Lanka

Can you imagine the stoke we feel about this? It’s a decision that’s been with us for a while. At first we only spoke about it between us, with a low voice and a crooked smile. I’m not sure really when the actual decision came, but when Petter and I decide something, we do it. We