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Seea x Sunshinestories giveaway!

Update: The giveaway is over and the randomly selected winner is: Betsy Harris! Congratulations! And thank you to everyone who entered also huge thanks to Seea for pulling this together also thanks to Bing Surfboards, Poler, Nixon and Manduka. Together with our friends at over at Seea we can present a fantastic giveaway together with

Family Series: Kelly Michalak

Name: Kelly Michalak Age: 34 years young From: Australia Job: Surf coach Words to live by: “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever” -Jacques Yves Cousteau We are all connected… Be kind to our Mother Earth… Oceans & animals Favorite thing about Sri Lanka: Fun, uncrowded waves, sunny days

The story about Sunshinestories

Recently the boys from Soda Lime were over for a visit, we got in the jeep, packed it with boards a bunch of cameras, a lot of stoked only to adventure around our neighbourhood and record this video. We surfed our brains out, ran through the bushes a million times to get the perfect footage and

Interview with Nick Holmgren

Our first head surf coach – Nick Holmgren Australia born and Swedish raised Nick Holmgren is Sunshinestories’ head surf teacher and also one of the most humble and talented surfers from Sweden. At the age of 15 his cousins pushed him into his first wave in Australia. He’s been stoked ever since. “Back in Sweden I

Our Story

Long story short: We’re Petter & Linn. We are a couple who share the same hunger for adventure, good food and waves. We started back in 2009 before we went on our first long trip together. It was our way to keep in touch with family and friends as well as a place to put some

What’s included?

What is Sunshinestories Retreat? An intimate and personal retreat designed with a lot of thought and love from us, Petter & Linn. Sunshinestories is not only a surf camp, it’s not only a yoga retreat, it’s an entire experience consisting of everything we love: surf, yoga & food; sun, sea & salt; adventures, good vibes & local village

The Surf

it’s not just a surf camp. it’s not just a yoga retreat. it’s a sunshinestories retreat. Every morning we start the day with a yoga session followed by a surf. Surf & Yoga is a magic combination in so many ways. To surf is to play; we get to have fun and move our body at the same

Paris baby

This seems almost to unreal when I’m writing it.. But it’s true. Even though I had to pinch my arm. Woke up on my birthday, like it was any other birthday. My dad, Petters mum & dad and sister woke me up with breakfast and cake. My family had celebrated me the friday before, with

Rates from $899

Surf+Yoga Package Our retreat is a complete experience for the surfer-yogi or anyone interested in learning both disciplines in a magical atmosphere. Our surf & yoga package includes surf lessons, teacher led yoga classes and everything else you need for the week. The experience we have tailored for the retreat is how we love to live. It

Surfing Medawatta Sri Lanka

Medawatta is a great longboard wave on the most southern part of Sri Lanka, just outside of Matara. It’s kind of a hidden gem and a bit hard to find, but expect good peelers and a few peakes that spread the crowd out, beacuse it’s starting to get quite crowded already compared to the last